Meet the LB Team - Noémie

Meet the LB Team - Noémie

Meet Noémie, our Marketing and Sales Executive. She's Swiss-French, and has been a lover of herbal tisane since childhood - her mother is a big believer that there is a herbal tea blend for every moment, smart lady! Having been brought up this way, we think Noémie is a true Libertine.

And with her sunny smile and adventurous soul, she brings great energy to the LB team.


Three words your friends would use to to describe you





Moments that have shaped who you are today

Since I was 19, I have been away a couple of times, and each of those experiences abroad have shaped me. First Australia at 19, first time (really) far from home and on my own, where I learned how to express myself without being scared of judgement. Second, Finland for an exchange year as a student, going to this never-ending nights or days country (depending on the season) offered me to be my true self and being accepted just the way I am. Third, Austria, where I learned that being mad sometimes, it is ok and doesn’t make you less loveable. Finally, New Zealand, where I learned to be grounded, less of a control-freak by just enjoying the little things, because that is what life is about : a multitude of little treasures.


Three things you do to show yourself love

Go for a massage.

Enjoy a cup of tea while watching a movie or reading a book.

Eat an amazing meal either cook by my boyfriend or at a nice and cosy restaurant.


Words you live by

Always worth a try.


Quickfire time! This or that?

Dawn: Duvet / Up & at it

Breakfast: Sweet / Savoury

Chill choices: Novel / Netflix

Pets: Puppies / Kittens

Travels: NY / London

Antipodean: North Island / South Island

Tea: Black / Herbal

After dinner treat: Chocolate / Cheese

Vege out with...: Friends / Sex and the City

TV personality: Oprah / Ellen

Girl’s night: Pride and Prejudice / Bridget Jones’ Diary

Style icon: Kate Middleton / Kim K

Take-out tea: Sushi / Pizza


Fave LB blend?

I will go for Runaway Rose, it was the first LB blend I tried and the reason why I wanted to work for Libertine Blends.

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