Minty Ohm – mint, mānuka, lemon balm, rosemary
Minty Ohm – mint, mānuka, lemon balm, rosemary
Minty Ohm – mint, mānuka, lemon balm, rosemary
Minty Ohm Flavour Profile
Minty Ohm – mint, mānuka, lemon balm, rosemary

Minty Ohm – mint, mānuka, lemon balm, rosemary

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The refreshing fragrance of peppermint and stimulating qualities of rosemary helps the mind to focus, while native NZ mānuka and lemon balm are a calming super-duo.

A wonderful digestive aid with cleansing essential oils in peppermint and lemon balm to relax the digestive system, while mānuka reduces inflammation and rosemary improves circulation

Beautifully balanced, this is a tonic for the body and mind.

When to drink this tea

A quenching blend to enjoy in the afternoon to calm and focus the mind. The balance of minty, clean flavours quell sweet cravings and cleanse the palate.

Created from organic and wildcrafted herbs. Contains no caffeine, gluten, dairy, sweeteners or flavourings.

Pack sizes and pricing
2 tea temple sampler - $4 
Two of our tea temple bags with tasting notes. Perfect for travelling, sampling and sharing. 


Loose leaf 40g - $14

Makes 32 cups 

15 tea temples - $16
Loose leaf tea is generously portioned into tea temples. 
Tea temples allow excellent infusion for optimum flavour and let our beautiful blends shine through as you can see the herbs, spices and premium quality tea. They are made of sugarcane and are commercially compostable. Perfect for busy moments or to take to work. Makes a giant cup or medium pot.

50 tea temples - $46 / 200g loose leaf - $46
This is a giant pack of tea for serious Minty lovers – no fancy label, but a lot of delish tea.

Delivery is $5, or free for orders over $40.
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Loose-leaf – use one level teaspoon per cup
Pre-bagged temples - one bag per large cup or medium teapot

Enjoy hot:

  1. Use water at 100°C 
  2. Infuse for 2–3 mins

Enjoy cold:

  1. Fill a jug with cold water 
  2. Infuse 2 bags : 1 L for 4–6 hours/overnight in the fridge
  3. Serve with citrus fruit, herbs and ice, OR add sparkling water and alcohol to create cocktails.

'Breathe it all in, ohm it all out' and escape for a moment into the Minty Ohm inspired pinterest board.


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