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Blending Team - Wellington

The blending team are a great collection of people, and we're looking for more blenders to help us increase production.

We blend and package in Berhampore on a Monday between 9am and 2.30pm, and the occasional evening. This role is on a casual basis, so it's ultra flexible, but important that if you commit to a blend you make it on time and bring great energy.

This role takes ownership of the bagging and packaging up our range of beautiful tea. High level this means:

  • Being at the blending sessions and making good time when blending and bagging.
  • Being a great communicator on your availability, and if it changes.
  • Being uptight about cleanliness and working with excellent food hygiene practice.
  • Being part of a really tight, fun and kind team, working with other blenders in a positive and respectful way.
  • Being fine about listening to podcasts of very varied genres. 
Please email with three sentences about work experience that relates (kitchen, production etc.) and your mobile number to kick off the trial process.