Roxy Black – breakfast tea

Roxy Black – breakfast tea



Roxy Black is a bright breakfast blend of Indian Assam tea with a rich flavour and coppery colour. Full caffeine.

When to drink this tea

Roxy is from the Greek Roxane and the Persian Roschana, which means dawn of day. Brew a strong cup in the morning and enjoy with warm toast for a joyful start to the day.

Created from organic tea. Contains caffeine. No sweeteners or flavourings, gluten or dairy.

Pack sizes and pricing

2 large bag sampler - $4
Two of our tea bags with tasting notes. Perfect for travelling, sampling and sharing. 

50 tea temples - $34
For serious Roxy lovers, this is a giant pack of tea temples  – no fancy label, but a lot of delish tea.

Delivery is $4, or free for orders over $40.


Pre-bagged – one bag per large cup or medium teapot

  1. Use water at 100°C 
  2. Infuse for 3–4 mins
Delicious black or with a splash of milk.