2018 in a Collection of Moments

Every year we create a collection of moments. Each moment we collect, big or small, has touched us in some way or another and shaped who we are. Looking back on our own moments at LB HQ has got us thinking about how much inspiration we take from each other. So before the year’s out, we want to share a few from us and our friends.

Shelley Empson, Director of Cali Press NZ

Any moment with my son Van is cherished, but one particularly special one from this year was walking with him on his first ever day at school. I’ll never forget the look on his little face – he was so happy, proud and excited about this next big step. I’m so grateful every time I do the school run, that I’m able to drop him off and pick him up, and that he still holds my hand! These small but special moments are the most important to me, and the ones that make our lives so beautiful. @shelleyempson @calipress.nz


Maxine Scheckter, Owner and Chef at Sugar Flour

A special moment for me this year was a month or so after Sugar Flour opened, and a few articles started to go round about us, all of a sudden it seemed to explode, and there were queues of people wanting to try my food.
Looking over the counter and seeing a restaurant full of people enjoying my pastries was the most surreal and gratifying moments of my life by far, and without a doubt one of the highlights of the year. @maxinescheckter @sugar.flour.welly


Amy Alexander, Partnerships at posBoss & Co-Founder of J.M.R Cocktail & Co

In a year filled with adventure and a very busy work schedule between the two companies, my moment is all about unplugging and making time for myself. I have taken to waking up early and hitting the beach before anyone is awake. Without the distraction of my phone, traffic or people, I can focus on the wind, water and surrounding sounds. When I get home & make that first cuppa I have a sense of calm and oddly enough, a dash of pride at making myself go regardless of some often unforgiving weather. @amy_brie @jmrandco @posbosshq 


Jackie Lee Morrison, Owner of Lashings

This last February I married my partner of 6 years on our 6 year anniversary. The moment I hold most dear was when I walked down the "aisle" (actually a hill) with my dad towards my husband, our friends and family watching me. Because we didn't have a traditional wedding and instead got married at a winery, this meant that I got to have a really nice relaxed chat with my dad, which was perfect. We talked about what it was like for his last child to get married ("a bit weird") and - since the marquee was blocking my husband - we speculated jokingly about whether or not he was there! As we got to the bottom of the hill I could see our friends grinning at me, and as I entered the marquee I finally saw my husband, waiting, smiling, relaxed, and I temporarily forgot that there was anybody else there. @jaxies @lashingsfood


Sara Quilter, Founder + CEO of Tailor Skincare

In 2018 I went Stand Up Paddle boarding in the middle of Lyall Bay with my Mini Schnauzer Loui (he has his own life jacket for this purpose). I started singing "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles in my loudest and not particularly best voice while Loui stood there howling. It didn't matter that we both looked like salty sea dogs, and what we sounded like or what anyone else thought. It was a moment of pure inhibition and joy. @sara_lhani_que @tailorskincare


Anna Threadgill, Business Manager at Libertine Blends

My moment for 2018 was at my graduation. Standing side-stage as my classmates collected their degrees, my heart felt so full. In that moment, all of the highs and lows of the last four years came together and I realised that it wasn't really the grades or academic achievement that mattered - it was that I'd shared this experience with a beautiful and amazingly talented group of people. (That and, of course, the wave of relief!). @Anna_threadgill @libertineblends


Brenda Goulding, Auckland Tea Ambassador at Libertine Blends

My highlight of 2018 was taking my daughter Sarah to World of Wearable Arts 30th Anniversary Show in Wellington. We had a wonderful hotel stay, met Anna in person for the first time and caught up with friends to see the show. It exceeded all my expectations, a phenomenal example of so much talent and hard work. It was a very special couple of days.@gouldingbrenda @libertineblends

Jax Wales Libertine Blends

Jacqui Wales, founder of Libertine Blends

A special moment I hold dear is swimming in the sea off the south coast of England. It was rainy and a bit chilly, but it made me feel so alive and so proud because I was scared but I did it anyway. After I dried and dressed I went to a hipster vintage shop and bought a minty ohm coloured cashmere sweater to keep me warm (I'd never owned cashmere anything before, it felt quite the treat). I still get a little buzz when I wear it. @jaxwales @libertineblends

 And that’s a wrap! LB over and out for another year xx

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