Our Story


Libertine Blends was born out of the search for pleasurable moments that nourish the heart and soul. Our desire was to create a range of organic tea blends that felt restorative, tasted delicious, and was the kind of cuppa you’d want to indulge in on your own, or share with loved ones.   

Selected for both their flavour and properties, our organic teas, herbs, and spices are carefully blended to ensure each ingredient has a purpose in the cup. What has resulted, is a range of teas that taste as great as they smell and are as delightful to drink as they are beautiful. 

There are a lot of things that go into building a tea business. But it starts with the knowledge that the right tea can shift the mood in an instant, that tea can be elevated beyond being just a healthy lifestyle choice, and that nourishing your mind and body with a good cup of tea is a way to love yourself first, each and every day.

A mother and daughter team, we are now based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. Our search for small moments of pleasure has led us to create this delicious range of organic tea blends and we hope you enjoy every sip. 

For more on us, check out our recent interview with Vic Books, or head to our Instagram to follow along on our journey. 

Nicola & Tara x