Our Ingredients


We value high-quality, organic ingredients.  Our large cut leaves and herbs offer complex layers of flavour without any added sweeteners or  flavourings.

Just pure, sustainably sourced blends of tea

The herbs of Kapow

  • refreshing and sustaining
  • wonderful for indigestion and stomach pain
  • a blood purifier and overall tonic
  • antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal
  • bold peppery flavour
  • many of the health benefits are found in the oils of lemongrass, so breathe the aroma deeply
  • relieves digestive disorders such as nausea, cramps and bloating
  • thought to dispel melancholy and lifts the spirits
  • a rich tangy lemony flavour
  • warms the mouth with a mild sweet note
  • highly fragrant
  • strongly heating
  • promotes circulation
  • an intense spicy flavour (although we don't add too much in Kapow)

The herbs of Minty Ohm

  • antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • calming and anxiety-reducing
  • anti-inflammatory
Lemon balm
  • a calming Nervine herb
  • anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties
  • calms the digestive system
  • contains high quantities of essential oils
  • a digestive support – reduces spasms and calms the body
  • antiseptic and anti-microbial
  • encourages liver function and digestive enzyme secretion
  • soothing, aromatic and refreshing
  • can assist with nausea and travel sickness
  • used as a stimulant since ancient Roman times – said to be mentally stimulating and physically relaxing
  • promotes circulation
  • protects the liver and promotes liver function
  • an antiseptic and antioxidant
  • calms the digestive system
  • pine and lemon fragrance and flavour

The herbs of Runaway Rose

  • soothing to the nerves
  • antidepressant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
  • regarded as a mild sedative
  • sensual, intense floral scent
  • both the pod and extract contain B-vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and manganese
  • historically used as an aphrodisiac
  • a comforting, sweet and creamy fragrance
  • packed with flavonols - the most abundant are quercitin, isoquercitrin and anthocyanins, which have antiviral properties
  • thought to strengthen the mucus membranes of the respiratory tract, increasing resistance to allergens and help reduce symptoms of hay fever
  • a floral, grape-like fragrance
  • calming and relaxing
  • recommended for restlessness and nervous stomach irritations
  • herbaceous and slightly woody scent lowers the heart rate

The herbs of Lightning Green

Sencha Green Tea
  • contains strong polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins. These function as powerful antioxidants which protect our cells from damage by free radicals
  • as green tea is preserved through steaming, the catechises are preventing from oxidizing
  • contains less caffeine than coffee, but enough to act as a light stimulant
  • contains the amino acid L-theanine, which can work synergistically with caffeine to improve brain function

Ginkgo biloba

  • one of the longest living tree species in the world
  • ginkgo is known to improve blood circulation to the brain


The herbs of Exhale Detox

Dandelion root

  • increases the liver’s production of bile, allowing it to more efficiently eliminate toxins

Milk thistle

  • protects the liver cells against toxic damage
  • works to heal and restore the integrity of the liver tissue

Nettle leaf

  • supportive and cleansing
  • aids elimination (excretions) to reduce the metabolic waste within the body


  • eases flatulence
  • encourages the release of bile from the gallbladder and promotes the flow into the intestines


  • assists with circulation
  • aromatic


  • anti-inflamatory
  • supports the health of the membranes of the gastric lining
  • contains glycyrrhizic acid which stops the body from breaking down cortisol, the “stress hormone”, made by the adrenal glands and enhances the body’s resistance to stress