A simple summertime recipe for Libertine cold brew

This summer has been nothing if not unpredictable: one day, it’s a record-breaking 40-degree scorcher, the next, there’s a chill in the air and a storm on the way… how’s a girl to keep up? Luckily, tea is delicious in any weatherit’s all in the way you brew.

A summer survival tip for tea lovers: cold brew.

It’s simple, no-fuss, but oh so refreshing.

Like all good things, the magic of cold brew takes time. Infusing in cool water overnight is a gentle process, giving our organic herbs and botanicals the time to really come out of their shell. Allow them time to feel comfortable, and the delicate flavours of our blends positively shine.

Cold brew requires a little more planning ahead than your standard cup of tea but we know it’s totally worth it. And because a jug of cold-brewed LB will stay fresh in the fridge for three days, you can prepare a batch knowing that Mother Nature should manage a few hot & sticky summer days in that time (especially with the way our summer’s going!).

Of all our blends, we’ve found that cold-brewed Runaway Rose is the biggest crowd-pleaser among friends and family. The rose and lavender give a light, floral flavour, while the elderflower and vanilla offer a natural honey-like sweetness — a great sugar-free alternative to juice. Satisfyingly natural and organic, it’s pure LB goodness.

See below for the 3-step recipe.

Cold Brew Runaway Rose

Makes 8C / 2L. 

5 minutes prep, 8 hours infusing.

You’ll need 

Steps —

  1. Place six tea temples or six flat tablespoons of Runaway Rose blend into a glass jug or jar.
  2. Add 2L of cold water, stir, then pop in the fridge for 6-8 hours - ideally overnight.
  3. To serve, strain loose leaf or remove tea temples (after giving a little squeeze!). Pour the cold brew into a serving jug or glasses. Adorn with a sprig of lavender, berries, or herbs.


  • If using loose leaf, infusing tea in a French press makes serving cold brew even easier. Simply press & pour when ready to serve.
  • Cold Brew tea keeps well in a sealed glass container and will stay fresh for three days in the fridge.

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