Welcoming Lightning Green

This month we welcomed Lightning Green Tea to our family of tea blends. Choosing to add a caffeinated tea blend to our range came about because we like drinking green tea at LBHQ, and we know lots of other people do too. 

The brief we set for our own green tea was to create a clean, fresh tasting tea to help us feel bright and alive. After sampling a range of green teas we were drawn to an organic sencha green tea. 

Lightning Green Tea

We looked to herbs with properties of alertness to compliment this sencha and create the Libertine blend. Research led us to ginkgo biloba, an ancient herb long cultivated in China. Known to increase blood circulation, particularly to the brain, ginkgo herb is light on flavour, giving our Lightning Green blend the flavour profile of a premium chinese sencha.
We are super-excited to add this green tea, with the Libertine twist you know and love, to our growing family of blends. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
'Go where you feel most alive' and other Lightning Green inspired moments are over here on our Lightning Green pintrest board.

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