Keep Calm and Carry a KeepCup

Mornings tend to set the tone for the day. Whether it’s an early yoga class or a leisurely lie-in – whatever works to help you slip into the right mind-set in the morning can work wonders for inspiring a positive energy which flows right throughout the day.

But when life calls, sometimes it can be difficult to find time in the mid-week morning. Something as simple as a KeepCup can help to restore balance to a busy routine. Making a brew to take with you out the door means that you can truly savour that first morning hot drink, whether it’s part of the school run, or the commute to the office. And with the luxury to sip on the move, a KeepCup helps to delay the morning coffee until after breakfast, which is a great way to buffer the mid-morning caffeine crash!

Kapow Herbal Tea and KeepCup

Taking a KeepCup on the go is the perfect way to stay hydrated too – and a stylish reminder to make sure to look after yourself. We’ve even found that on a frosty winter morning, a KeepCup can double as a matching accessory to a chunky knit scarf and beanie. As touch-screen technology requires our fingers to be free, a KeepCup is a convenient glove substitute and toasty hand-warmer – with your fingers wrapped around the glass cup, you can soak in the emanating warmth as well as taking care of your emails. It’s all about that balance, baby!

Purpose-built for on-the-go use, the KeepCup exudes café class. The tempered soda lime glass of the cup is made to keep hot drinks hot, and adds that bit of luxe which is often missing from a standard reusable cup. As sturdy as a thermos, as functional as a ceramic mug, and a lot better for the environment than a paper cup, the KeepCup takes a stylish view of sustainability.

Minty Ohm Peppermint Herbal Tea and Keepcup

KeepCups have become a staple at our blending sessions at Libertine Blends HQ. Before doing anything else, we each choose our favourite blend to sip on. We love KeepCups so much that we even have our own colourways designed to match each of our teas.

When it comes to life’s pleasures, we know that it’s the little things that make a difference. Check out our range of KeepCups today.

KeepCup and tea photography by Devanga Wanigasinghe @d.e.v.w


  • LB Team

    Hi Rose, they are $38 and you can buy them from us online:

  • Rose

    How much are the keepcups? Can I buy one online or can I purchase one from a shop here in Hamilton (where I live).
    Cheers Rose ?

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