Keeping warm and well with Kapow Tea

This is a guest post by Charlie, a Wellington blogger who writes about life, wellness and shares nourishing recipes on her blog The Healthy Factory.

Kapow Herbal TeaWhy herbal tea? Well, to be honest, Earl Grey and English Breakfast have just never done anything for me! More importantly, herbal tea is a warming, caffeine-free pick-me-up that touts wonderful health benefits. From soothing a troubled tummy to preparing the body for good sleep, herbs have all sorts of superpowers

I've always been a fan of the Libertine Blends range of organic herbal teas, blended right here in Hataitai, Wellington. From the suave packaging, bright colours and biodegradable tea temples, you really can't go past it! Hence, when Jax, the owner of Libertine Blends asked me to write a piece showcasing the wonderful Kapow tea, it was a hell yes.

What's in Kapow? Kapow is as its name suggests- bold and warming. The chilli and kawakawa trailblaze the bold and mildly peppery taste of the tea. These strong flavours are countered with the freshness of lemongrass and sweet, fragrant cardamom - overall creating a zingy equilibrium that packs a delicious punch in a mug. 

Spotlight on Kawakawa: Kawakawa is one of the most distinctive New Zealand native plants. It was one of the most important medicinal healing herbs in traditional Maori herbal medicine, widely used as treatments for stomach pains and indigestion. It also has gentle stimulated and rejuvenating properties. A powerful addition to Kapow!

tea temple of Kapow TeaWhy I love Kapow
I find Kapow to be a wonderful fusion of herbs that work to strengthen digestion and naturally boost energy levels. I have incorporated the tea into my evening routine - I've found that brewing a fresh mug after dinner really helps with my digestion. It is a great way to 'round-off' the day too - signal to the body that it is time to transition into the rest and repair phase.

Being winter, the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties of Kapow are fantastic to stave off those unwanted bugs. Staying healthy in the colder months in more ways than one very much helps you build up this immunity too.

Additionally, I've always been a late-night snacker, a habit that I'm actively breaking not only with my diet but lifestyle choices. Brewing a mug of Kapow tea straight after eating gives time for my leptin satiety hormone to kick in and tell my brain that I'm satisfied and don't need any more snacks. (Jax note, I totally agree with this, Kapow is my absolute after dinner fav)

To find out more about Charlie and how she drinks Kapow you can read her full article on The Healthy Factory Blog.

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  • Suzy Morrison

    A good cup of tea is one of life’s joys. I like a loose leaf tea and the simple ceremony of boiling water and getting my teapot ready, pouring the hot water and seeing the leaves expand.
    Runaway Rose is one of my fave teas. So pretty with the petals and delicious to drink and smells so good. Like drinking sunshine. No caffeine either which is a big plus for my afternoon cup.
    A colleague at work introduced me to Kapow tea a few years ago and I went and ordered some the next day. The rest is history. I order online and it’s in my letterbox within a couple of days. Such warm friendly service. Thanks.
    Suzy Morrison
    Point Chevalier. Auckland.

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