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Jax and Alise
e know first-hand about the kind of bravery and hard work that goes into taking a risk to create something new – which is why we’re proud to partner with CreativeMornings, supporting the awesome bunch of creatives who come along each week, as well as Alise, the Wellington host, who has singlehandedly pioneered this inspiring event in Wellington.

On the morning of the last Friday of every month, the smell of freshly-infused Libertine tea infuses the room of the Wellington BizDojo. Alongside other local favourites, Coffee Supreme, Antipodes Water and Almighty Juice, we help to caffeinate the capital’s creatives at the Wellington chapter of CreativeMornings – a monthly morning lecture series.

Breakfast :)

In October, we celebrated one year of CreativeMornings in Wellington. Quite fittingly, the global theme for the month was ‘pioneer’, featuring local guest-speaker, Dan Newman (Head of Koordinates and self-professed map enthusiast).

Dan described a pioneer as someone with insistent curiosity – someone who goes beyond expectation, widening the boundaries and opening up new possibilities in life. But whether discovering uncharted lands or exploring new ideas, we typically picture a pioneer as someone who ‘goes it alone’.

Creative Mornings
The theme seemed to really resonate with those in the room. Driven by a personal sense of purpose and passion, creative work can often become isolating (speaking from experience here!). CreativeMornings provides a space for creatives to connect with one another, to build a community by sharing support, encouragement, celebration and inspiration.

Pioneering is not just about external discovery, but, as CreativeMornings put rather nicely, it is about having the courage to act on internal, immutable desires to create work that matters.

At Libertine Blends, we know first-hand about the courage required to take a risk to create something new. Since launching with our Kapow tea in 2014, our journey has been fuelled by ambition and curiosity. While it hasn’t always been easy, the support we’ve received – from our stockists, customers, and creative peers – has continually inspired us to do the work we do.

Libetine Blends x Creative Mornings

For Alise, setting up CreativeMornings in Wellington involved a lengthy application process, and the work to keep the series running month to month is constant. But her passion for this project pays off: get 100 creatives in one room and you can feel the infectious energy – inspiring one another, inspiring change.

CreativeMornings is a free event, welcoming creatives of all types on the last Friday of each and every month. Click here to find your nearest CreativeMornings, or if you’re in Wellington, join the mailing list for the latest updates and we’ll look forward to seeing you at the next event for some Libertine love!

Image credits Edgeline Photography.

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