Love, Lettering & Libertine

Last week we hosted a Valentine’s Calligraphy workshop with Natasha, the woman behind Linskill Lettering, a modern calligraphy company.

When we thought about how Libertine celebrates Valentine’s Day this year we came back to the question – What is Valentine’s Day is for? We ran a poll on Instagram and most of us thought of Valentine’s Day as just another marketing tactic. Chocolate hearts, overpriced roses… yup, you know the drill.

But the romantic in us sees that behind all of this *stuff*, it’s a day for love; to celebrate those in your life who make your heart full.

With this in mind, we put people at the heart of our Valentine’s Day campaign. We partnered with Natasha (who we’ve quietly admired for a while - if you haven’t checked out her work, you should) and held an evening to learn calligraphy, create love notes for friends and family, and leave with a goodie bag full of tea to share a cuppa (or many) with someone special.

For us, the highlight was watching people at the workshop embrace the experience – sharing the highs and lows of their day, their calligraphy journey (a learning curve for all!), and the peaceful energy of the room. Simple moments of joy between strangers who became friends, and connections made over cups and cups of our very own Libertine Blends.

For us, this is what Valentine’s Day is about.


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