Meet the LB Team - Annemieke

Meet Annemieke, our Auckland sales rep. She's a former Cantabrian living in the City of Sails, and has the coolest CV, from nannying for high profile New Zealanders to working as a checkout chick last summer at her favourite Coromandel Beach supermarket. She's high energy and loves to be on the go, meeting people and seeing new faces, so you'll be sure to see her spreading the tea love around! 


Three words your friends would use to to describe you





Moments that have shaped who you are today

Sorting out my deceased father's possessions - realising life is about keeping it simple, love & happiness over having 'stuff'

Spending time overseas and realising New Zealand is not perfect but certainly, the most wonderful place on this planet to live

Getting a tattoo and realising I have this for life! 


Three things you do to show yourself love

This is a work in progress and I do try and be understanding, kind and thoughtful to others - it's not always about me! 


Words you live by

Honesty & Integrity 


Quickfire time! This or that?

Dawn: Duvet / Up & at it - both!

Breakfast: Sweet / Savoury

Chill choices: Novel / Netflix

Pets: Puppies / Kittens

Travels: NY / London

Antipodean: North Island / South Island

Tea: Black / Herbal

After dinner treat: Chocolate / Cheese

Vege out with...: Friends / Sex and the City

TV personality: Oprah / Ellen

Girl’s night: Pride and Prejudice / Bridget Jones’ Diary

Style icon: Kate Middleton / Kim K

Take-out tea: Sushi / Pizza


Fave LB blend?

Toss between Minty Ohm & Runaway Rose

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