Meet the LB team – Gabs

Gabs the Libertine Blends Operations Manager

Meet Gabs, our Operations Manager. She’s been part of the team since the beginning, and she’s the ultimate planner: lining up our schedules, communicating with the team and running the blend sessions at LBHQ.

We love the energy that she brings to the blending table: a blend with Gabs is never without a healthy debate or two!

Three words your friends would use to to describe you

Three moments that have shaped who you are today
After high school, I travelled to India to teach English in a school for four months. Waking up in Takdah, I would spend my mornings with a cup of local tea looking out towards the mountains… a view I won’t ever forget.

My first Anthropology paper at Vic Uni was all about civil conflict and reconciliation. Fresh out of home, it really opened my eyes and got me thinking outside of the little bubble I had been living in for the previous 18 years!

Moving into my first flat, I felt a real sense of newfound freedom. Not only the freedom to create my own physical space (my room is the classic fairy-light/pot-plant aesthetic), but also to find my own space as an individual.

Three things you do to show yourself love
If I know work is going to be particularly hectic that day, I’ll treat myself to breakfast from the cafe next door: my go-to is a mocha and a bacon & egg muffin. How can you beat a good runny yolk?

Working in an office, I’ve come to really appreciate Vit D! On my weekends, I love to find a patch of sunlight, close my eyes for a bit and just soak up the sun’s rays.

After a long day, I’ll snuggle up with something I’ve been wanting to watch. Lately, I’ve been hooked on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Words you live by
The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Quickfire time! This or that?
Dawn: Duvet / Up and at it
Breakfast: Sweet
/ Savory
Chill choices: Novel / Netflix
Pets: Puppy / Kitten

Travels: NY / London
Antipodean: North Island / South Island
Tea: Black / Herbal
After dinner treat: Chocolate / Cheese
Vege out with...: Friends / Sex and the City
TV personality: Oprah / Ellen
Girl’s night: Pride and Prejudice / Bridget Jones’ Diary
Style icon: Kate Middleton / Kim K
Take-out tea Sushi / Pizza

Fave LB blend?
It’s gotta be Kapow! I go through phases of each of our blends (right now I’m loving Luxe Grey) but I always come back to Kapow.

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