Meet the LB team – Laetitia O'Connell

Meet Laetitia. She’s a qualified herbalist, yoga enthusiast and aspiring weaver. She’s also the woman behind our newest blend, Exhale.

Since the early days, Laetitia has been our go-to contact for the native kawakawa and mānuka that we use in Kapow and Minty Ohm. Even over email, we clicked. Both having respect for the healing power of plants and cheeky sense of humours!

Now a newly-initiated Wellingtonian, Laetitia is our resident herbalist. As you’ll start to see a lot more of her work, we thought we’d give her a proper introduction...

Three words your friends would use to to describe you




One moment that have shaped who you are today

I worked on a superyacht in the Caribbean for 3 years in my mid-20s — I’d just come out of five years studying law at Otago. One day it just clicked that I should be doing herbal medicine. I booked my flight back to New Zealand en route to the airport!

Three things you do to show yourself love

A walk outside. I love to go along the South Coast of Wellington — it’s blimin’ windy so blows out the cobwebs like nothing else.

A cup of tea or a bath — or both?

A laugh with a good friend.

Words you live by

If it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen.


Quickfire time! This or that?

Dawn: Duvet / Up & at it

Breakfast: Sweet / Savoury

Chill choices: Novel / Netflix

Antipodean: North Island / South Island

Tea: Black / Herbal

After dinner treat: Chocolate / Cheese

Vege out with...: Friends / Sex and the City

TV personality: Oprah / Ellen I haven’t had a TV in years.

Girl’s night: Pride and Prejudice / Bridget Jones’ Diary

Style icon: Kate Middleton / Kim K

Take-out tea: Sushi / Pizza Are we talking lunch or dinner here?

Fave LB blend?

Despite my loyalties to Exhale, I’m gonna have to say Kapow.

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