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Like sharing a meal out or after-work drinks, tea is a social ritual. Meeting a friend for a cuppa or two is a way of touching base and reconnecting over one of life's simplest pleasures. This has had us thinking, how can we find more ways to spread the joy of sharing an LB tea?

Behind the scenes at LB HQ, we've been working hard on extending our range to complement our existing blends. Having taken the time to source the best organic ingredients, and test for quality and consistency in our blends, we’re finally ready... and excited to announce the arrival of two new black teas which are available exclusively in cafes: Roxy Black, a bright and brisk breakfast tea blend, and Luxe Grey, a classic earl grey tea.

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Our thinking is that by making these blends exclusive to cafes, a staple tea becomes a special treat. Something a little bit fancy for those cherished moments we spend among friends.

But first, a bit about the blends...

When Queen Anne requested hot tea rather than the customary ale with her morning meal, little did she realise her preference would be so game-changing. Three hundred years later, the breakfast blend still holds a regal position on the breakfast table. Our own Roxy Black is steeped in tradition, a blend of Assam tea which is infused with full-bodied flavour. From the Greek Roxanē and the Persian

Roschana, meaning “dawn of day”, Roxy Black is designed to bring joy to every dawn, nicely complementing a cooked or continental breakfast. And with a dash of milk, the breakfast blend smells delightfully similar to warm toast and honey… mmm, comforting and caffeinating.

Luxe Grey joins the LB range as our very own earl grey blend. Legend has it that when Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey and former British Prime Minister, was on a diplomatic mission in China, he saved the life of a Chinese nobleman, and in return, the nobleman gifted him a recipe for black tea scented with oil of bergamot - Earl Grey tea - which became the Earl’s blend of choice. Our premium Luxe Grey blend carries itself with the same elegance and charm as it once did in aristocratic homes and European drawing rooms. Blended with uplifting bergamot, the Sri Lankan black tea has an unmistakable citrusy aroma which lifts this blend right out of the cup. Fragrant and flavourful, Luxe Grey is a treasure and our most refreshing afternoon tea.

Take these two classic blends, add them to our existing collection, and what do you get? A full range of organic, handcrafted tea, guaranteed to tickle any tastebud. Our own take on staple black teas, Roxy Black and Luxe Grey will fit easily into our well-loved range of bold herbals and punchy sencha green.

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And what’s even better? Our fan base is pumped about the new arrivals. We've even got thumbs up for our breakfast tea from several Brits - possibly the ultimate compliment!

We’re really looking forward to working with more hospitality operators around the country.

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