Tea Temples and Growing Up

Now in tea temples
We started blending tea in Berhampore in 2014. Driven by the urge to offer delicious herbal tea that was easy to enjoy, we took our loose leaf blend of premium native and traditional herbs and spices and hand-bagged a tablespoon of each into compostable paper tea filters. This made it easy for our customers to prepare great tea on the way out the door, at work, and before bed when a Runaway Rose is just what you feel like, but cleaning out a teapot – not so much.

We got pretty speedy at the hand-bagging process. Competition abounded amongst the blending team as to who could prep the tidiest rows. But ultimately it has been a pain point as we’ve grown. At times keeping up with demand has been really tricky, especially in December! So we decided it was time to take the next step.
This month we’ve moved three of our organic tea blends into tea temples: Runaway Rose, Minty Ohm and Lightning Green. Kapow has been a challenge. Native Kawakawa leaves are inconsistent in size and weight, so this blend is our work in progress. We're focusing on getting Kapow into tea temples in time for winter, when Kapow sales eclipse all our other blends.
We made the move to tea temples knowing they allow excellent infusion for optimum flavour. You can see the herbs, spices and premium quality tea, and our beautiful blends really shine through.
The tea temples are made of cornstarch and are commercially compostable. We're proud and excited to take this step as it allows us to smoothly scale up production. However, we want you to know we still blend in small batches, by hand, in Berhampore, so as to closely manage the quality, freshness and flavour of our blends.
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Tea Temples Lightning Green

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  • Sally

    Great stuff Jacqui! Love that you’ve taken the compostable step – everyone wins :)

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