Libertine Blends tries "Hygge" this winter

Our seasons are shifting, days will be shorter, darker and colder. Who doesn’t like coming home to cosy place on a winter day? In Denmark, they have a way of living called “Hygge” which means enjoying the cosiness and the conviviality of being home by nesting, reading, cooking, having friends over, watching movies and also drinking a cup of tea. This year, we are going to try the “Hygge” lifestyle. As “Hygge” is danish and not Kiwi, we like to spice it up with native Kawakawa which can be found in our famous Kapow blend.
Kawakawa leafKawakawa leaf – a herbal healing plant native to New Zealand
To offer you the best blend, we went to the finest supplier of Kawakawa in New Zealand: Charles Royal in Rotorua. We chose Charles' company because of their sustainable process and also because the crop is carefully picked to ensure re-growth constantly. Furthermore, to meet high demand in dry herbs (one ton a year!), harvesting needs to be well managed and Royal has a team of family members and helpers. The harvesting operation is based on the East Coast, and then the fresh herbs sent to a small processing factory and distribution centre located in Rotorua. What a journey before being blended and ready for you to enjoy!
Charles of KinakiCharles Royal with his native herbs, creating in the kitchen
Why is Kapow so special ? First of all, it is organic, with no added flavourings or sweeteners. It is famous as a bold and warming blend with native kawakawa (thank you Charles), chilli, lemongrass and cardamon. That’s not all, it also has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which helps sustain good health - perfect for Winter!
So, will you be part of the “Hygge” lifestyle with a cup of Kapow? ;)

Our famous, warming herbal tea – Kapow! A blend of native kawakawa, organic chilli, lemongrass and cardamon.

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