What it means to be a Libertine

We call ourselves Libertine Blends. ‘Libertine’ for short, and actually more accurately. Because even though we’re all about the tea (especially the good stuff), we’re even more about a set of values and living the life of a Libertine.

Meaning what, exactly?

To be a Libertine is to have a lust for life. It’s simple things, like playing music you love, or filling a vase with fresh flowersbut being fully aware of your senses in these moments. It’s about switching off the auto-pilot and finding joy in what’s around you: like in the sound of the music, or the colour of the flowers.

Which is why we love tea, really, because tea is such a sensual pleasure. Think about it: the look of leaves infusing, the enticing smell, the touch of a warm mug and delicate taste of each herb. Warming you on a cool day and cooling you in the heat. Soothing and calming, uplifting and energisingtea touches all our senses.

But tuning out the noise and tuning into our senses… it’s easier said than done, we know! So we made these little pins to be tiny reminders to live in each moment. Pop one on your collar, your bag, your favourite sweater, and come on over to the Libertine way of life. 

Think you’re a Libertine? Grab one of our newly released pins and rep a Libertine lifestyle with us, a little reminder to enjoy the pleasures of every day.

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