Paper tea filters

Paper tea filters

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Paper filters are ideal for loose leaf tea drinkers — making it easy to enjoy the ritual of loose leaf even when you’re short on time or energy.

With these filters, there's no faffing around with clearing away leaves. Just fill, fold, and infuse for a delicious cup of tea, taking out the filter when you’re done.

Unbleached and made from high-quality wooden pulp (which will break down in your backyard compost) these filters have no flavour to allow even our gentlest blends to shine. Pop one in your favourite pot for an effortless brew, or into a travel mug for loose leaf on the go. 

Pack of 100 filters.
Size Medium: 18.4 cm x 8 cm. 

We suggest 1 teaspoon of loose leaf to a cup, or 2 teaspoons for a 400ml pot.