Chelsey's Iced Tea Syrup - Egmont St Eatery

This iced tea syrup comes to you from Chelsey Perkins, Egmont St Eatery's resident mixologist. 

The Roxy Black tea provides the tea with a base to allow subtle flavours of the Runaway Rose to really shine. If you need a little more sweetness, just add a dash of simple syrup (sugar mixed with boiling water) or honey to taste just before serving.

A lovely non-alcoholic alternative for a summer party.

Makes 3-4 serves.
Prep time 10 minutes.
Infusing time 8 hours / overnight, assembly time 5 minutes.


  • 20g Runaway Rose loose leaves
  • 20g Roxy Black loose leaves
  • 100g Marmalade* (we use Anatoth's Breakfast Marmalade)

To serve

  • Water, preferably filtered
  • Ice


Mix the tea and marmalade together in a measuring jug, fill to the 400ml mark with cold water and stir.
Cover and leave overnight, then strain the liquid.
Mix 60ml of syrup with ice and water in a tall 330ml glass and garnish with a slice of lemon. 

* Egmont St Eatery use their own housemade marmalade.¬†If you don't have homemade marmalade on hand,¬†we recommend¬†Anatoth's breakfast marmalade¬†‚ÄĒ it has no added flavours, colours or preservatives, feels more 'natural' than most, and uses NZ grapefruits and lemons¬†that gives the iced tea¬†a flavour that's more tart than sweet.

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Recipe from Chelsey Perkins, Egmont St Eatery. 11 Egmont St, Te Aro, Wellington. Images by Jeff McEwan of Capture Studios.